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Nga Nguyen is the principal for VisionFwd a human-centered experiential design strategist in New York City.

With the innate awareness that that all things are interconnected Nga sees a divergence of industries co-mingling to resolve complex issues as we evolve and innovate into the 21st century. And that all things are interconnected and that innovation and creation stem from an amalgamation of different ideas across industries to come up with creative solutions to positively impact on people’s lives and to introduce new methodology, systems, products and services in making a difference in this world we live in. Nga is fascinated, inspired and driven to explore these possibilities at the forefront of technology and innovation to join the visionaries of our future. 

A holistic thinker by nature with unwavering mindset towards designing, innovating a more humanistic and compassionate future Nga is a World-Bridger for unlikely happenings in the global tech ecosystem.

  • Nga has been involved with the New York City startup ecosystem as an entrepreneur in residence at NYDesigns via Kauffman Foundation (2015-16), a design incubator + HW Tech maker space.

  • Has contributed her expertise as an advisor for startups at Founders Institute (2016-17), an immersive accelerator program to help founders fast track the launch of their business.

  • And most recently has been selected as an Ecosystem Builder delegate (2018) as part of the 2020 EU initiative to spur growth in innovation on a global scale working with startup Hubs in Netherlands, France, Lithuania, Germany, India, and United States.

  • Initiated/seeded the growth of Hardware Massive New York City Chapter through orchestrating dynamic conversations between corporate partners, startups, makers, designers, engineers, and academia.

  • Is an on-going advisor/mentor to select startups with focus on brand/mission development, UX Design, and growth strategy.

With all the combined work in Design, Technology, Business/Entrepreneurship, and mindfulness Nga has launched innercompass.io (nascent stage), an open collaborative platform dedicated to aligning inner self to outer success to help individuals and organizations to innovate with purpose. By invitation or when inspired Nga leads yoga/body movement workshop with an aspect of inner reflection and self development for the modern age.