UNFILTERED is a service platform that bridge the perceptual gap of a "one size view all" to help online shoppers with better decision making of fashion garments viewed on closest match body type culled by crowd-sourced selfie photos shared by shoppers. The current online experience  only showcase an ideal model size represented by the brand but does not fully articulate how it may work on women of different height and curves. This unique exchange allows shopper to have a better representation of fit relative to their body shape, hence reduce the chance of returns for both buyer and retailer. A win win situation.  


TRVL is a mobile app concept aims to bring personalization and connectivity to daily commute. The service provided through the TRVL app enhances the commuter experience by connecting relevant information to provide seamless travel experience. i.e.: like traffic, weather, service interruption as well as, connect easy payment to local vendors. 


Lingo is a concept for Apple's iOS, With billions of messages sent everyday, text messaging is an important part of our daily lives. It's become a key method of communication, and sharing of information for people all over the world. However, fundamentally text messaging has not changed in the twenty plus years since it was first invented. Replying to a message still requires typing your response and pressing send. 


Vets For Success is an online platform designed for veterans to integrate more readily and connect with their communities via location-based service dedicated to the empowerment of veterans. We focus on two broad areas of personal self-actualization: social services and lifestyle. We offer a cross-platform solution that is accessible on the desktop, on a mobile platform and as a physical toolkit.