Our attention is one of the most important resource we own and can develop.

Inspired by ancient teachings, behavioral science, and technology, Evoke seeks to bring mindfulness through micro-moments within our every day life. 
With the constant flow of information in the digital age and the pace of modern life, our attention is constantly distracted by the many stimuli we encounter daily. How do we find balance and respite from the daily stress without the expense of retreats or alternative holistic sessions? The Evoke Augmented Meditation Stone will help busy individuals recalibrate their well-being via regular mindful moments during their day. 

How it works:
1. Interval Reminder. One second touch to turn on. After an hour, the stone will alert the person with an ambient light to take a break. To reset, pick up and place stone down on the table. 
2. Meditation Walk. Rotate stone counter clockwise to practice meditation walk. If the person walks fast the stone will vibrate to alert the person to slow down. This practice engages the body and mind. 
3. Synchronized Breathing. Touch switch for three seconds; hold the stone in both hands and synchronize deep abdominal breathing to the slow rhythmic beat. This practice helps to calm the mind and body.


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