Inspired by ancient teachings, behavioral science, and technology. Evoke Augmented Meditation Stone seeks to bring mindfulness through micro-moments within our every day life. The Evoke Augmented Meditation Stone will help busy individuals recalibrate their well-being via regular mindful moments during their day. 


Kanari is a wearable device that alerts users about the level of pollution (cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes) being emitted in the environment. City life is hectic and stressful partially due to high traffic volume causing fatigue and affecting personal well-being. The design explored different solutions to help busy city dwellers to be aware of their immediate air quality. 


A whimsical and modern sensor-based interpretation of the traditional winter advent calendar. The Interactive Holiday Advent Calendar pays a whimsical and modern homage to the traditional advent calendar. It features twelve boxes that each contain a unique sensor. Each sensor must be discovered and activated to reveal a sweet treat behind each door. 


One-2-One is a matched pair of hand crafted wooden communication devices that evoke presence and facilitate meaningful engagement.  One-2-One addresses the way we perform communication by prescribing behavior that encourages focus and appreciation.  The system encourages these behaviors by reducing functionality to the barest of essence, retraining the technologically overstimulated mind to focus solely upon the message literally in hand.