Primary Research: Stakeholders interview, Insight User Interviews, Competitive Research, Ethnio Online Research

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Who: The NYPL Mobile Library is catered to NYPL patrons and the greater NYC community, including locals and tourists. 

What:The NYPL not only offers books, but a broad range of events,classes, and rare and special collections of hard to find books.The goal of the NYPL truck is to bring a curated experience showcasing all the benefits and discoveries that the NYPL has to offer.

When: The truck will launch sometime in the spring, and run throughout summer, and the beginning of fall.


Each curated mobile NYPL library truck will be parked in various neighborhoods throughout New York City and neighboring boroughs (Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx). The truck will be trackable via social media so potential visitors will be able to follow the truck’s every move.


With the NYPL Mobile Library Truck, we hope to bring greater awareness of NYPL’s resources and services to the public in a more unique, delightful and serendipitous manner and to increase accessibility and convenience of basic services to existing NYPL patrons.


  • The ability to check-out and return books
  • Discover upcoming events and classes

  • The ability to apply for a library card

  • Experience rare and special collections via an interactive kiosk

  • Interact with the truck’s photo booth

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