Rock + Moss Ltd.

Rock + Moss is a collaboration with friend, Chuanda Tan whom by chance we met in the waiting room of our accountant office one morning back in 2008. After a few meetings over lattes and sharing our interest to bring craft into modern design we decided to create a small gender neutral called 'Knit in Translation', a special sweater concept for both men and women. If it looks/feels good on then why not. Motivated from a perspective to move beyond what brands and social norm dictates we should choose to wear. The line was inspired by Nature, organically formed with the consideration of soft texture, rich colors well crafted with hand knitting tradition by the highly skilled Aymaran Artisan of Bolivia. Designed in New York. Our inspiration embraced the trees in Central park and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden paired with basic silhouettes and rich, vibrant colors. The entire process is hand done from fiber, spinning, knitting in creation of each garment. Each piece is hand made by a unique artisan and personally signed, bringing a unique part of craft into the everyday wardrobe. We wanted our first group to be special, quality over quantity hence we narrowed down our resource to be that of artisan made in limited run. Instilling modern youthful energy to traditional hand-made knits. We wanted to instill meaning by bringing nature and the human element into each piece that was created.

Co-founders for the unisex artisanal hand knit sweater brand rock + moss: Chuanda Tan, Nga Nguyen– Designed in NYC made in Bolivia


Product Opportunity for Entrepreneur Design Class

For Entrepreneur class led by Gary Chou, Christina Xu and Leland Rechis our cohort had one semester to figure out a product or service to launch with a target of $1,000 per individual. 

Ever since I moved to New York City about a decade plus ago the one thing I never got accustomed to was touching the poles, rails on public transit. Now with the increasing use of screen swipes I can imagine the 

Glovken - Year round gloves for public transportation

Conceptualized/Designed by Nga Nguyen, gloves made in NYC by LaCrasia, photo/video by Effy Zhang

User Journey Scenario