Part I: Discovery

Understanding "Third Place" our group chose to observe the dynamic exchange at Washington Square Park in New York City which resides near NYU area which has a mix of resident, college tourist with a mix of historic and bohemian charm that draw a crowd of all ages and profession. 

According to Ganguly and Bhattacharya, Oldenburg suggests the following hallmarks of a true "third place":[2]

  • Free or inexpensive
  • Food and drink, while not essential, are important
  • Highly accessible: proximate for many (walking distance)
  • Involve regulars – those who habitually congregate there
  • Welcoming and comfortable
  • Both new friends and old should be found there

Our class project got picked up by a local blog in NYC

An excerpt from the Local Ecologist blog:

Design and Concept Collaborators: Dami You, Sneha Pai, Hanna Yoon, Nga Nguyen for Public Interface Design course taught by Michael Schneider at the School of Visual Arts in NYC