Interactive Sensor Based Advent Calendar 

Inspired by the spirit of the Holiday my partner and I built a whimsical interactive advent calendar celebrating the Twelve Day's of Christmas count down- featuring 12 different sensors that would activate a door to open a hidden surprise.

The wiring, readings and mapping of the sensors for the code in arduino.

The sensors used in the project: Breathalyzer, servo, switch, pressure, flex, IR, Button, photo cell, accelerometer, temperature, potentiometer, wind sensor. 

The making of the wooden boxes. 

Laser cutting the boxes that house each sensor for the advent calendar in the VFL lab.

Testing out the breathalyzer sensor with some saki.

Right before Fall finals and no sleep the night before. Testing out the serial read on the breathalyzer sensor with saki at 6 am in the morning.

Final Product

A whimsical and modern sensor-based interpretation of the traditional winter advent calendar. The Interactive Holiday Advent Calendar pays a whimsical and modern homage to the traditional advent calendar. It features twelve boxes that each contain a unique sensor. Each sensor must be discovered and activated to reveal a sweet treat behind each door. The calendar was created using the Arduino hardware and platform. Twelve different sensors were connected to corresponding servo motors to create automated door hinges. The resulting effect is a calendar ""creature"" that behaves mysteriously and randomly to elicit curiosity and delight from its participating user."

Design and Concept Collaborators: Sneha Pai, Nga Nguyen for Physical Computing taught my Eric Forman