Lingo – Efficient Text Message Response Enhancement for IOS

Lingo is a concept for Apple's iOS.

With billions and billions of messages sent every day, text messaging is an important part of our daily lives. It's become a key method of communication, and sharing of information for people all over the world. However, fundamentally text messaging has not changed in the twenty plus years since it was first invented. Replying to a message still requires typing your response and pressing send.

What if...

  • There was a smart list of responses to choose from — in your own words — so you wouldn’t have to type?

  • You could reply to a text with a single tap?

  • This wasn’t another texting app, but actually integrated with your iPhone’s operating system?


Design a smarter, more efficient experience for common responses to text messages

So how does Lingo work?

Paper Prototype

Concept & Design in collaboration with: Leroy Tellez, Melody Quintana, Nga Nguyen for Crafting Interactions w/ Josh Musik, Clay Wiedemann, Jeff Hoeffs, & Kyle Crouse at the School of Visual Arts in New York City