Annually, over 36.5 million passengers travels through the Grand Central Station making it one of the busiest station nationwide. How can harnessing big data allow the MTA to better communicate to it’s internal key members as well as leverage this resource to better serve it’s community? Working with the MTA stakeholders our team distilled 3 1/2 years of raw data and seeing its connection to relevant events help provide meaningful insights shaping the perception that of the transit system as a dynamic living ecosystem. 

CITI BIKE: Explorer App

Explorer is a mobile app that creates a unique biking experience for tourists in NYC. A collaboration between Citi Bike and Lonely Planet, the app connects people to interesting places and chronicles their travel stories. Navigating around NYC as a tourist can be stressful the Explorer is a mobile app that rethinks this experience, striving to make the journey just as enjoyable as the destination.


Dining out is about more than just eating. Cinematic Dining invites users to discover their palette through memorable movie and television scenes shot in New York City. Utilizing location databases, fondness of film, and eating out in Manhattan, Cinematic Dining was designed as a service that inspires the user to explore iconic restaurants as shown in Hollywood films.