CYBERNETIC for Organizational Change

Cybernetic model on conversation and collaboration to achieve the company's objectives through a comparison of a before and after model. Design Service serves as an umbrella to all creative needs within this corporate company. The before model shows Design Service operating separately from one of it's direct selling business unit with little transparency and flow in process. As a result unjustly modification is made in an untimely affecting the overall cost and quality of the product. These types of situation could be easily avoided if the necessary conversation were to have taken place as part of the design stage.


Re-imagining the possibility of future technology and the collaboration between policy makers, manufacturers, retailers as well as, participation from the consumer to implement a new behavior change in how we buy clothes. This presentation project the possibilities of clothing consumption in the year 2046 as a necessary means to counter the overuse of water and other raw materials reliant on our valuable and limited natural resources.